Kirk Session

This is the governing body of the Cathedral as in all churches belonging to the Church of Scotland, which follow the Presbyterian tradition. The Kirk Session is a group of individuals inducted as Elders of the Church.

The Thursday Club

The equivalent of the Womens’ Guild, this organisation allows for the women of the Congregation to meet and discuss various topics relevant to the Church. They also organise fund-raising events in the Church.

Flower Committee

The Flower Committee organises a rota of ladies who arrange flower displays for Sunday services, Weddings, Funerals and other services. Money can be donated for the purchase of flowers to commemorate a person’s life or any other special event.

Linen and Fabrics Committee

Members of the Linen and Fabrics Committee look after the Clergy’s Robes, Communion Linen and the various sets of Communion Table Covers, Bible Markers, Kneeler Covers and all other aspects of the internal fabric of the Cathedral.

The Drama Club

            The Drama Club meets on the fourth Sunday of each month.