The Glasgow Gospel

During Holy Week, we will be offering a series of excerpts from Jamie Stuart’s “The Glasgow Gospel”.

 Here is Rev Alan Sorensen relating Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

This is the second chapter from the Easter Story as told in the Glasgow Gospel. Jesus encounters the money changers in the temple, told by Ron Ferguson.

Chapter three: “Plot and Betrayal”. Jesus is perceived as a threat to the authority of the state. Something must be done, and Donald Smith provides a journalist’s view.

Chapter four: “The Lord’s Supper”. Eileen McCallum continues the narrative of Christ’s passion.

Chapter five: “Jesus is arrested” Eileen tells us what happens next.

Chapter six: “Jesus before the council”. Kenneth Ritchie continues the story.

Chapter seven “Judas Hangs Himself” Peter Morrison tells us of the fate of the traitor.

Chapter eight “Jesus before Pilot” .

Chapter nine “Jesus is nailed to the cross”

Chapter ten “Jesus Crucified”

Chapter eleven “The Ressurection”

Chapter twelve “The Road to Emmaus”